Healthy breakfast ideas for your kids (kids friendly breakfast)

Healthy breakfast: As you know breakfast is essential for everyone and the most important meal of the day, However making an early morning breakfast can be challenging for many mothers and individuals, and they might face difficulty making nutrients full breakfast for their kids.

That’s why everyone should know how to prepare a healthy and nutritious full breakfast in minutes to feel energetic the whole day.

Here are some quick healthy breakfast ideas you can prepare for your kids and loved ones.

Top 10 Healthy breakfast idea:

-Yogurt parfait

Most people think Yogurt parfait is a fancy breakfast and time-consuming, but in reality, it’s all myth. Yogurt parfait easy to prepare in the early morning and it’s filled with nutrients. To prepare it you need your favorite yogurt, along with fresh fruits and honey to elevate the taste, and just honey according to your taste. That’s it your Yogurt parfait is ready.

-Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are a good choice for those who are always in hurry in the morning since anyone can prepare scrambled eggs in a minute. to prepare this just take an egg and mix it with milk and a little bit of salt,

And then heat a non-stick pan with little oil and pour the egg mixture into the pan. Now, cooked the egg until it’s fully prepared.

Remember it’s all up to you to add milk or prepare without adding anything. Now you can enjoy your protein pack.

-Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Spread peanut butter on fresh bread, add sliced banana pieces all over the bread, and enjoy your delicious peanut butter and banana sandwich which is filled with nutrients and is a favorite breakfast option among kids due to its ease of preparation and healthiness.

Remember you can also add more varieties of healthy fruits you like.

-Smoothie Bowl:

Smoothie Bowls are fun to make and filled with nutrients, just take frozen fruits and blend them with milk, yogurt, and fresh fruits after blending it all together, and enjoy your nutrients Packed breakfast. also, you can add nuts if you like it.


Oatmeals are also healthy option for your kids and it can prepare in just a few minutes. simply cook some oat with milk, cinnamon, and honey you can also add an fresh fruits over top.

A Healthy guide:

These Breakfast option are filled with nutrients top keep you charge on your scheduled, and it’s easy to prepare, you can also customize these breakfast options for your kids according to their taste or for anyone. So, the next time you’re in rush try one of these option and quick breakfast ideas for your loved ones.

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