Autism spectrum disorder (ASD): understanding and managing autism

what is Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a mental health problem that directly affects the brain and a person with autism can’t communicate have unusual behavior and lacks social interaction,

This condition can affect differently in each individual, and symptoms vary depending on age groups.

Cause of Autism spectrum disorder (ASD):

The exact cause of autism is still not defined

But reports say the main cause of autism can be trauma, and genetic and environmental factors, Autism commonly develops in early childhood and symptoms can be different for every individual.

Autism can become mild to serve easily and the person with autism may face difficulties and challenges in day to day to simple tasks such as dressing, communicating, and even bath

But in some case individual with autism have unbelievable skills such as instrument playing, mathematics, arts, or painting and any creative activity.

Main symptoms of Autism:

  • Difficulty outside or in new places
  • Difficulty meeting others
  • Repetitive behavior
  • unusual voice tone

One of the basic symptoms of autism is difficulty outside with friends or with new people, they find it difficult to understand the facial expression, body language, voice tone, and different signs, and

These symptoms become difficult to continue any friendship or relationship.

Also communicating with others can be a very challenging task for an individual with autism, some autistic patients developed delayed voice, hand gestures, repetitive and behavior,

And on top of that they also experience repetitive speech such as repeating the same words or sentences.


Early treatment of any individual person with autism can be very helpful to control their behavior, symptoms, and thoughts and on a good, not autism patients may develop any particular skills which might help in their future or day-to-day life.

There are several types of therapies methods are available to help reduce the symptoms of autism, these therapy session includes:-

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Medication
  • Support group
  • Social interaction activities
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Behavioral therapy:

Behavioral therapy is especially design for people with autism to develop the necessary social interaction, social activates, and communicating with others and new people,

This therapy session includes how to read normal interaction signs, respond to others, any social situation and develop proper social behavior.

Speech therapy:

Speech therapy is another therapy for autism it develop language skill, learn to communicate with others and understanding the proper voice tone.

Occupational therapy:

Occupational therapy focused on improving the day to day tasks which is difficult for autism person, these involves how to dress, how to bath, proper use of utensils and perform daily tasks without any difficulties.


Medication can be helpful in reduce the autism symptoms, such as anxiety, depression and lack of enough sleep. Note: it’s important to take advice from mental health expert before taking any medicine. and at the same time therapy requires equally as well.


Although, Treatment and therapy can help but, there are also several other activities can help in autism such as proper routine,support group, exercise, enough sleep

And brain activity especially design for autism person to reduce their symptoms and help him to get back in their normal life.

However if you notice somebody is suffering from this autism condition you need to help them as soon as possible because it become hard to control if condition left untreated.

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